Are missing teeth affecting your smile? Healthview Dental in Corio can replace missing teeth with custom-made dental implants. Have questions? We offer free implant assessments! Contact us today.

Dental implants are made of surgical-grade titanium, which are placed into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. Once placed, an implant will fuse to the surrounding bone, providing a solid foundation for teeth replacement.

The experienced team at Healthview Dental can recommend and custom-make a variety of dental implants for our patients across Lara, Corio and Norlane.

Reasons you might need dental implants

Our dentists perform detailed dental examinations to find out the cause of your dental issue and determine which treatment option best suits each patient’s unique needs. Dental implants may be recommended as an option to:

  • replace missing teeth following an accident, illness or tooth extraction
  • replace single or multiple damaged or decaying teeth
  • form the foundation for a bridge or dentures.

We will take a 3D x-ray at our Corio dentist clinic to assess each patient’s suitability for implants. In the case of an emergency or accident, please ensure you contact our emergency dentist as soon as possible for fast, effective dental care.

Custom-made restorations for dental implants

Our cosmetic dentists can provide porcelain crowns, bridges, and dentures made specifically to fit and attach to dental implants, giving our patients a stable, durable solution.

Many patients find conventional full dentures difficult to keep in place during function. At Healthview Dental we can ensure your dentures are firmly attached to dental implants – so you can have confidence in your smile again.

We will always discuss all the options available to our patients throughout Geelong, including Invisalign and restorative dentistry.

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What item numbers are used for the health funds?

Item number  Cost
Initial consultation 014, 022 Free / No GAP
3D CBCT Xray 026 $100
Implant placement 688 $2,000
Crown placement 661 $600
Crown placement 671 $1,500
Total $4,200
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