Don't be afraid to show your smile. Talk to Healthview Dental in Corio about dentures and how they can improve your confidence.

Your smile is one of your greatest assets. Whether you have lost a tooth or have cracked or broken teeth, we can help you get your smile back with partial or full dentures in Corio, Lara, Norlane and across Geelong.

Dentures are just one of the options our experienced Corio dentists can suggest to replace missing, cracked or decaying teeth. Our friendly dentist will always discuss the available options with you and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

Dental implants can be placed to improve the stability and function of dentures. Our dentists can discuss the suitability of this option.

Dentures help to restore function and aesthetic, giving you back the confidence to smile. Replacing damaged, decayed and missing teeth will help restore normal eating and chewing functions and prevent existing teeth from shifting. Dentures will also help distribute chewing forces more evenly to prevent the remaining natural teeth from taking excessive force.

Acrylic or metal frame dentures

At Healthview Dental, we offer a range of materials for different types of dentures. Generally, a full set of dentures will be made from acrylic, while partial dentures can be made with a metal frame or acrylic.

Removable or fixed dentures

Dentures can be made specifically to fit to natural teeth or dental implants. They are a great solution giving you the confidence to smile, eat, laugh and talk with ease. Our dentists can provide high-quality removable dentures or implant retained dentures.

Contact your friendly dentist to find out which dentures are right for you.

We can also recommend dental veneers, Invisalign and other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

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